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Steven Seiler, Douglas Applegate, Mark Epstein, Giles Imrie, George Lee




Steven D. Seiler

Real Estate, Corporate Law and LLC Law Formation, Governance and Contracts, Technology Transactions, Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurial Services, Mergers and Acquisitions

Mark W. Epstein

Litigation: Business, Real Estate, Personal Injury, Inverse Condemnation Probate and Partnership Disputes

Douglas A. Applegate

Intellectual Property, Litigation

George M. Lee

General Business Litigation, Civil Trials

Giles Imrie

Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Civil Litigation

Mark Mosley

Civil Trials and Appeals, Partnership Disputes, Litigation Involving Public Entities, Real Property and Tax Litigation

Harry Gordon Oliver II

Estate Planning, Tax Law, Trusts and Wills